A special place where nature and men live in harmony, Immersed in the natural light of the Siracusana Riviera

Immerso nella luce naturale della riviera Siracusana, Re Dionisio Luxury Suites sorge sul mare, a cascata su rocce mistiche bagnate dallo Ionio.

E’ un antico edificio del 1500 interamente ristrutturato nel 2019 e situato appena fuori dall’isola di Ortigia, centro storico di Siracusa, città dimora nel IV sec. a.C. del tiranno Dionisio Il Grande.

With its enchanting views, satisfies the romantic reputation of the legendary cradle of Greek civilization, chest of architectural and cultural wonders and cutting-edge art scene.

Re Dionisio Boutique Hotel is situated 2km from the island of Ortigia, 2km from the Neapolis Archaeological Park and less than a 5-minute walk from the scenic bike path that spans 8km of unforgettable Siracusana coast.

Company’s history

Bufalino Group is a group operating in the tourist accommodation sector towards a medium-high range of tourism.

In general. The company is specializing in the management of accommodation facilities for both national and international tourism of the medium-high range, in particular, already manage some prestigious accommodation in the Syracuse area (SR) in the Ortigia area, which has an average customer presence of 80%.


It bases his corporate mission on a policy of uniqueness and focus on a tourism offer of excellence in the combination of price / quality. All this is possible thanks to a management highly specialized in the management of accommodation structures towards a national and international tourism of medium-high range.


Today the tourist market, more generally in Sicily, but specifically in Syracuse is growing strongly. The estimates of the sector experts according to economic statistical surveys lead to projections that put the results recorded so far, with a view to the life cycle of the tourism sector in Sicily, equal to 30% of the potential development expected in the coming years (Source Ministry Economical progress).

Structures of the Bufalino Group

Re Federico

Boutique Hotel in the heart of Ortigia

Reggia del Saraceno

Ortigia Luxury Home


Resort & SPA on the sea


Panoramic gourmet restaurant

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