Junior Suite - Re Dionisio Boutique Hotel & SPA | 10% Sconto dal Sito

The Junior Suites have a double bed, a bathroom and a sofa bed. They are spacious and welcoming with a large Sea View window and are equipped of all comforts. The spacious and bright interiors, the Italian-designed décor embellished with Molteni furniture and Modica's stone-covered walls, make our suites a lovely and elegant place to stay.

Area: 35 sqm

Junior Suite "Filosseno"

The Greek hiystorian Diodorus Siculus, narrates about the passion of the tyrant for writing and art to host famous poets and writers. They repaid his favours adulating and convincing him about the beauty of his poetry.

During a banquet, the poet Filosseno had the audacity to express honestly his disappointment about the quality of those rhimes. Dyonisius, cut to the quick, accused him to be envious and ordered to his servants to imprison him in latomie, just in the cave in which he was used to eavesdrop on conversations of his enemies imprisoned there.

The famous Ear of Dyonisius.

Junior Suite "Platone"

One day the Greek philosopher Plato came from Athens to Syracuse and went to the court of Dyonisius. Poor Plato was convinced that there he could establish his ideal Repubblic. When he dared to sustain that the right of the strongest had to be accompanied by virtue, Dyonisius got angry and told him that those were words of an old fool.

Plato, without considering the risk he took, answered that his words smelled of tiranny.

Furious, Dyonisius kicked him out of the city and sent him to Greece on a ship.

Junior Suite "Himera"

One day, when Dyonisius wasn't yet tyrant, priestess Himera dreamt to get into the realm of Gods and to find a boy, with blonde hair, pale and wrinkly, attached to an iron chain under Zeus's throne. When he asked who was that guy, someone said: "He represents the bad fate of Sicily and Italy and when he will get rid of those chains he'll be the ruin of many cities".

That boy was Dyonisius.

Junior Suite "Hippos"

Cicero, the Latin philosopher, narrates that Dyonisius had a great passion for horses and that one day, while he was riding in the surroundings of Lentini, a city near Syracuse, he fell into a quagmire.

The tyrant tried to save his horse but reluctantly he was forced to abandon it. In that moment, a Miracle happened!

The horse was able to free himself and neighing, ran to meet him, surrounded by a hive of bees. The soothsayers interpreted that as a blessed sign.

Strenghtened of his omen, a little later, Dyonisius enacted the putsch that made him tyrant.

Bathroom Bedroom Living Area General
Towels Wardrobe Sitting area Elevator
Toilet Clothes rack Dining area Heating in all premises
Slippers Air conditioning in all premises
Shower Free WI FI
Linens Flat screen TV 50"
Hairdryer Daily cleaning service
Low Season Mid Season High Season Agoust 9 - 18
180,00 € 196,00 € 223,00 € 297,00 €